Who are we?

We are a Adelaide based certified yoga teacher training school. We offer 200hr yoga teacher training courses in Adelaide focused on hatha and vinyasa yoga. Our courses are registered with Yoga Alliance, so you can become a registered yoga teacher on completion. View our  yoga courses here! 

Classes for Everyone

Trainings for Everyone

Have you heard about the benefits of yoga but are not sure where to start? Have you been looking for a class but found it hard to find the right style?

If so, our services may be just for you.

Our teacher trainings will run you through the yoga foundations and help you set up intuitive practices to get you feeling comfortable, competent and relaxed teaching yoga.

Good for everyone

The trainings will cover yoga breathing, alignment and safe practices with lots of interactive demonstrations. It will also include a the practice of yoga nidra, where we can relax in shavasana, or meditation, whilst being mindful of our body, breath and alignment.

Our teacher trainings are perfect for getting movement in the body and learning some healthy practices in a personalized setting.

There will also be a discussion where you can ask questions and learn about yoga from our team

For more information or to book in for the next beginners class, please contact us

Teacher Training

Yoga Instructors Courses in Adelaide

Yoga Alliance Approved Trainings

Our yoga teacher training course covers EVERYTHING you need to know when it comes to both teaching and practicing yoga ✔️

We have lectures, seminars and guided practice focusing on both traditional yoga techniques and contemporary physical practice. We objectively teach you about yoga philosophy, yoga history and the ethics of yoga including Pantajali’s Yoga Sutras, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and the Bhagavad Gita 📚

You’ll learn everything about how yoga practices interact with the human body from both a physical and psychological viewpoint as well as experience them first-hand with classes dedicated to pranayama, meditation, props, beginners and advanced yoga.

Certified Yoga Courses

Our courses will teach you how to deal with students, teach yoga safely and be your own boss (marketing, sales, contacting etc.).. You’ll learn the exact sequences proven to be successful in the marketplace, and get first-hand experience teaching yoga with personalized coaching and mentorship!

Our yoga teacher trainings are certified by Yoga Alliance and gives you skills that directly translate into the marketplace helping you develop confidence as a yoga teacher.

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You can contact us on 0490 118 672!